REVOTEC produces demineralized water perfectly suited for beverages, as boiler feed water and for treatment in subsequent purification steps.

If a semipermeable membrane is placed between pure water and water with dissolved ions (salts) osmosis will come into play. The pores of the membrane only allow the passage of H2O, but not of salts, suspended solids, bacteria and larger molecules. Osmotic pressure due to a concentration difference on both sides of the membrane causes the pure water to pass through the membrane to dilute the solution on the impure side. This will continue until the same concentration on both sides is reached.

In the REVOTEC unit this process is reversed. In order to separate pure water from water containing dissolved salts, pressure is applied to the contaminated water. When the applied pressure overcomes the natural osmotic pressure, pure water will pass through the membrane into the pure water side.

The purified water (permeate) is free of almost all impurities.

Typical Technical Data

  • Capacity

    265 - 79,200 gal/h (10 - 3,000 hl/h)

  • Material

    according to requirements (plastics; stainless steel)

  • Options

    blending of permeate and raw water
    conductivity measurement
    water pre-treatment/pre-filtration
    activated carbon filtration
    multi-stage and/or modular design


  • All stainless steel execution as standard
  • Multi-stage RO system on demand for increased yield
  • Customized design; different automation levels