Nitrogenation of Liquid Products


The Nitrogenator is used for continuous injection of nitrogen into liquid food and beverages, e. g. to improve foam stability of beer or to preserve product taste, texture and color.

For N2 supply the Nitrogenator has a specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector that feeds nitrogen in a very large number of very fine bubbles directly into the product stream. Due to high pressure and turbulent flow, the nitrogen dissolves completely and absolutely homogeneously in a very short time. At the end of the dissolving path a control valve is installed. This valve keeps the pressure in the system constant and above the saturation pressure.

The system is equipped with high precision flow meters. Based on the measurement of the flows, the product steam and the nitrogen flow are instantly and fully automatically adjusted.

Optionally, the N2 content of the nitrogenated product can be monitored by a nitrogen sensor. The desired concentration of nitrogen is precisely met in the finished product.

Typical Technical Data

  • Capacity

    53 - 39,600 gal/h (2 - 1,500 hl/h)

  • Dosing Range N2

    5 - 60 ppm

  • Dosing Accuracy N2

    ± 1 ppm

  • Material

    1.4301/AISI 304; 1.4404/AISI 316L; etc.

  • Options

    in-line measurement (e. g. O2, N2, CO2)
    buffer tank


  • High precision flow meters for process control
  • Specifically designed Vortex-Venturi injector for N2 injection
  • Customized design; different automation levels