Membrane Water Deaeration


For the production of quality beverages with long shelf life, and to prevent corrosion of boiler and piping systems, water needs to be deaerated.

Based on the use of highly effective membrane modules, extraordinarily low values of residual oxygen are achieved. Each module contains thousands of hydrophobic, gas permeable hollow fibre mem-branes resulting in a large surface. This large surface maximizes the transfer area and the contact time between water and gas. While the strip gas (CO2 or N2) is applied on the inside of the hollow fibres, the water flows in counter current between them on the outside.

The high partial pressure difference of O2 forces the oxygen out of the water to permeate through the gas porous membranes. Inside the membranes the oxygen flows away together with the strip gas.

Due to its modular design, the skid can easily be adapted to the required capacity (by parallel installation of membranes) and to the required residual oxygen content (by serial installation of membranes). The O2 content of the deaerated water is permanently monitored.

Typical Technical Data

  • Capacity

    53 - 53,000 gal/h (2 - 2,000 hl/h)

  • Residual Oxygen

    100 ppb - < 10 ppb

  • Material

    plastics; 1.4301/AISI 304; 1.4404/AISI 316L; etc.

  • Options

    in-line measurements (e. g. O2, CO2)
    activated carbon filtration


  • High precision OXYTRANS O2 sensor for process control
  • Easily expandable and low consumption of strip gas
  • Customized design; different automation levels