Materials and Finishes

Our equipment and components utilize a variety of materials:

Metals and Alloys

1.4301AISI 304stainless steel
1.4305AISI 303stainless steel
1.4306AISI 304Lstainless steel
1.4404AISI 316Lstainless steel
1.4435AISI 316Lstainless steel
1.4462AISI 318 LNduplex 2205
1.4539AISI 904Lstainless steel
1.4541AISI 321stainless steel
1.4547Alloy 254SM0austenitic stainless alloy
1.4571AISI 316Tititanium stabilized 316
1.4828AISI 309stainless steel
1.4980Alloy 286stainless
1.4548AISI 630stainless
2.4600Alloy B-3nickel molybdenum alloy
2.4602HC22nickel chrome molybdenum tungsten alloy
2.4605Alloy 59nickel chromium molybdenum alloy
2.4610HC4nickel chromium molybdenum alloy
2.4617Alloy B-2nickel molybdenum alloy
2.4819HC276nickel chromium molybdenum alloy
Materials and Finishes

Many items are available with a variety of gaskets.

Gasket Materials

NBRnitrile rubber
EPDMethylene propylene diene monomer rubber
VMQsilicone rubber
HNBRhydrogenated acrylonitrile butadiene rubber
FKM-PTFE coatedcoated fluororubber-polytetrafluorethylene
Isolast, Kalrez, Parofluor, Gylon etc.

Choose from a variety of finishes.

Surface Finishes

Polished (Trowal)
Ground (240 grain to 400 grain)
Bright metal, plate rolled blank or matte
Matte blasted (by beadlets of stainless steel or sand)

Available in Metric, Imperial, DIN (DN), EN, ISO, ANSI, and other sizes.

Besides our high quality solutions for the brewery, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industry, we also offer a wide variety of materials and finishes that meet specialized requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions about the items we offer.