Flash Pasteurization of Liquid Products


By flash pasteurization harmful microorganisms in beverages and liquid food are killed with the aim of improving microbiological stability and shelf life of the product.

The FlashPasto skid is designed to pasteurize the product gently without adversely affecting its color, its taste or its digestibility. For optimum results, pasteurization time, temperature and pressure have to be individually adjusted. Based on highly accurate process control, the unit guarantees constant pasteurization quality even at variable product flow.

To increase the energy efficiency of the system, the product is warmed up to the pasteurization temperature in two steps. In the first step it is heated in a heat recovery section where it flows in counter current to the hot, already pasteurized product. In the second step it is gently brought to the pasteurization temperature by the heating medium.

The FlashPasto skid can easily be expanded by a buffer tank as it is often required for installation directly in front of the filler.

Typical Technical Data

  • Capacity

    132 - 26,500 gal/h (5 - 1,000 hl/h)

  • Deactivation Temperature

    depending on product/application

  • Holding Time

    depending on product/application

  • Heat Recovery Rate

    higher on request

  • Material

    1.4301/AISI 304; 1.4404/AISI 316L; etc.

  • Heating Medium

    hot water, steam as primary source

  • Cooling Medium

    glycol, ice water, ammonia, brine

  • Options

    buffer tank; cooling


  • Constant pasteurization quality by highly precise process control
  • Buffer tank on demand for installation in front of the filler
  • Customized design; different automation levels