The purpose of Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) is to remove contaminations from wetted surfaces inside tanks, pipework and filling machines.

A CIP cycle consists of various steps, e. g. pre-rinse with water, flushes with caustics and acid solutions, intermediate and final rinse with water. Detergents are sometimes used to enhance cleaning performance. Depending on the system, after each cleaning step the cleaning media is either routed to drain (lost CIP) or back to the storage tank for later re-use (batch CIP).

Temperatures, flow rates and times are adapted to the system dimensions and the cleaning tasks. Hot cleaning regimes use hot caustic and/or hot water. In cold cleaning regimes all media have ambient temperature. Centec provide a large variety of CIP systems. They can be small and mobile single channel units, or large stationary multi-channel systems, including storage vessels for cleaning media and rinse water recovery.

CIP systems are designed by Centec in such a way that optimal cleaning results are ensured.

Typical Technical Data

  • Capacity

    according to requirements

  • Cleaning Media

    purified water, caustics, acids, disinfectants, chemical additives

  • Material

    according to requirements

  • Options

    double seat valve technology water purification CIP storage tanks (optionally insulated)


  • Cleaning concept ideally configured to requirements
  • Maximum product safety with mix-proof valve technology
  • Customized design; different automation levels